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june Morocco 2012 The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music


What is a home-printable ticket?
A home-printable ticket is a new way of accessing your ticket. This system allows you to print your concert tickets on an ordinary printer (in A4 format, black or colour) at home, at the office, or elsewhere.
What's the difference between paper tickets for concerts and a home-printable ticket ?
The two types of ticket give you the same right of admission and contain the same information about the concert.
With a home-printable ticket, you can now print your Fes festival concert tickets at home, get them instantly with no risk of loss. It's a new service we're proposing for you.
When should I print my tickets ?
The home-printable ticket can be printed as soon as you have completed your purchase on the website, or later by going to 'my booking'. All you have to do is type in your booking code and your email address.
How does the home-printable ticket work?
Our home-printable tickets bear a unique bar-code and number. Validity of tickets is controlled and registered when you visit the Ticket Kiosk. The location and hours of opening of the Ticket Kiosks can be found on the ticket. You should visit the Kiosk with proof of identity to collect your tickets or pass. Only the person or beneficiary mentioned on the home-printable tickets can collect tickets or passes. Photocopies, imitations or forgeries are not accepted.


What are the advantages of a home-printable ticket ?
You can buy your tickets at home and obtain your concert tickets for the Fes Festival immediately, without having to wait to receive them by post. This is a new service we're offering you.
Delivery of tickets is guaranteed; loss is impossible.
You can access your tickets at any time, any day, anywhwere; all you need is access to the Internet and a printer.
You only have to print out one document which lists all the tickets or passes you've bought. You can also nominate a beneficiary so you can buy tickets for people who will attend an event without you.
What must I do if I lose my ticket ?
Your home-printable tickets are available all the time, right up to the date of the show, on the website where you bought the tickets.
To retrieve them :
Go to 'my booking'. Identify yourself by typing in your booking code and your email address. Click on the 'print' button. Your list of tickets can be downloaded in PDF format.

How do I ... ?

I'd like to give some tickets as a gift to a friend or child. How do I do that ?
When you purchase your home-printable tickets, we give you the option of either putting them in your name or in the name of a beneficiary, as you wish. This person can obtain their tickets by going to the Ticket Kiosk with their ID document.
Can I fold my home-printable tickets ?
Yes, treat your home-printable tickets as you would any other ticket. Keep them dry and clean. Do not fold your tickets across the bar-code. The bar-code and its numbers should remain legible.


What do I need when buying tickets ?

You must have a current email address and well as a credit card. Tickets must be printed on a laser or ink-jet printer.
Will the home-printable ticket option work with my browser ?
Our home-printable ticket service works with Windows 2000 and higher, as well as with Mac OS X. Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Firefox 1.5 and higher and Safari.
Your home-printable ticket is in PDF format. To read it, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher.
Must I have a specific printer to print my ticket ?
You can print your home-printable ticket with a laser or ink-jet printer. Printing should be done at 100% in Portrait mode on a white sheet of A4 paper. You can use black or coloured ink.
Good quality printing is necessary. Tickets that are only partially printed, smudged, damaged or illegible will not be accepted and will be considered invalid. In case of problems or bad quality printing, please print your PDF file again.
To ensure good quality printing, make sure that the information found on the ticket as well as the bar-code and number are easily legible.


How does my ticket work at the concert ?
Present your home-printable ticket and a piece of identity at the Ticket Kiosk and you will be given your concert tickets. It's impossible to use your home-printable ticket more than once. You are responsible for your tickets - keep them in a safe place.
Is there a special Ticket Kiosk ?
Yes, our Internet Ticket Kiosks can be found at Bab al Makina and at the Batha Museum. These two kiosks are in the medina at the concert venues. Opening hours are as follows :

Bab Al Makina

From June 3thto 12th : from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
(Closed June the 11th, 12th and 13th june 2012)

Musée Batha

From June 9th to 12th: from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
June 14th and 16th: from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm

What would happen if I photocopied my home-printable ticket and gave it to someone else ?
Only the person whose name appears on the home-printable ticket (the purchaser or a beneficiary) can collect the tickets or pass. Therefore you are responsible for your tickets and should keep them in a safe place.
Can I reproduce my home-printable ticket or buy one on the black market ?
Reproduction of a home-printable ticket is not allowed and brings no advantage. Only the person presenting the home-printable ticket corresponding to the ticket order can collect tickets or passes. The purchaser and/or a beneficiary are the only legitimate bearers of a home-printable ticket. This is why tickets should not be reproduced, duplicated or counterfeited in any way, or used in any other way. Keep your tickets in a safe place. Only use the official channels to buy your tickets - the festival website or authorised agency. Never accept a ticket from someone else you don't know.
Can the ticket purchaser be denied access to a concert ?
The organisers can refuse entry to a concert when multiple printings, reproductions, copies or imitations of a home-printable ticket are in circulation and when access to a concert has already been given to the holder of a counterfeit ticket using another identity. The organiser is not in any way obliged to verify the identity of the person presenting a home-printable ticket in order to verify that this person is indeed the purchaser of the tickets, nor to verify the authenticity of a home-printable ticket where the imitation or copy cannot be identified indutiably at the Ticket Kiosk. If the holder of a home-printable ticket is turned away for this reason from the concert venue, he has no right to a refund of the ticket price. The purchaser of the home-printable ticket is responsible for the utilisation of his tickets.


How do access my home-printable ticket ?
Your home-printable ticket is always available on the website, right up to the date of the event.
To access it :
Go to 'my booking'. Identify yourself with your booking code and your email address. Click on 'print'. Your list of bookings will be downloaded in PDF form.
My home-printable ticket is damaged, has smudges or isn't legible due to lack of ink. What should I do?
Adjust your printer settings. If there is no improvement, print your tickets on another printer. You can access your tickets on any computer that has an Internet connection. It is important that the bar-code is complete and fully legible.
What must I watch out for when printing my ticket ?
It's essential that the bar-codes are complete and fully legible (no smudges), and that the name of the purchaser or the beneficiary (if applicable) must be complete and fully legible (no smudges). Print the home-printable ticket in Portrait mode, selecting the highest quality printing (in Print Set-Up). You can print your ticket in colour or in black ink. The ticket must be printed at 100% on a sheet of white A4 paper. It cannot be presented in any other way (electronically, on-screen etc).
Should I print my home-printable ticket in black or coloured ink ?
Whatever you wish. However, printing with black ink is often better and is more economical.
When I want to print my tickets, I just get a blank window. Is there an error ?
Try printing out a test page. If a blank window or an error message appears, Acrobat Reader has not been installed or is incorrectly installed. Download Acrobat Reader or manually open the Acrobat Reader programme and then close it. Try printing your ticket again. The latest version of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded and installed free of charge.
I've damaged my ticket. What can I do ?
Don't worry! Your home-printable ticket is always available on the website, right up to the date of the concert. Destroy your damaged ticket, and reprint as follows :
Go to 'my booking'. Identify yourself with your booking code and your email address. Click on 'print'. Your list of bookings will be downloaded in PDF form.
How must I handle my ticket ?
Treat your ticket as you would any ordinary ticket. Keep it clean and dry. Make sure the bar-code is legible.
Generally speaking, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.