Pandit Shyam Sundar Goswami - Northern India

Khyal Song

Pandit Shyam Sundar Goswami, originally from Bengal, trained in the KIRANA GHARANA style.  He sings the classical Hindustani khyal with great subtlety.

After some years of sadhana (traditional learning) under various grand masters such as Pandit Jadunath Chakraborty and guru Madan Mohan Thakur, Shyam S. Goswani is now considered a Bengali singer of great talent.

He is remarkable for his interpretation of the raga, and unique in that he is accompanied by the sarangi, a classical Hindustani fiddle of the 16th century.

The khayal (meaning 'imagination') is a highly embellished and demonstrative form of song very much in vogue in India today. His manner of interpreting it is imbued with great depth and spirituality emanating from his knowledge and research into the roots of this ancient courtly style.

 This group will perform as part of the nights in the medina 1 and 3

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10 June 2013 : 19H30 et 22H

Au coeur de la medina

12 June 2013 : 19H30 et 22H

Au coeur de la medina